Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The problem with Elizabeth Warren

Is that she has tried to capitalize on something that isn't true in any normal understanding of the idea of being Native American. 

I have it on good authority from various individuals I've linked up with that the usual Catholic culprits are rushing to her defense.  From 'but Trump!' to 'she was, like all liberals, a beautiful person who no doubt was misinformed by family', the attempt is to downplay the obvious.  As always with devotees of the Political Left, those Native Americans who are offended suddenly become unpeople whose sensitivities no longer matter.

The fact is, my wife and her sister are able to legally claim American Indian descent.  They have far more DNA than Warren, and could, if they chose, make the claim.  They simply never did because they didn't 'live the culture.'  Sure, in terms of DNA they are Native American.  But there was nothing else, nothing cultural to say they were.  Their upbringing was as basic American as apple pie and baseball.  Therefore they never thought it proper to drop 'NA' on an application since it would only be true in the most technical sense.

But they could have claimed it. Now, to make that claim in any official capacity requires more than a spit and handshake.  If you wish to make the claim, there is actually some effort involved in demonstrating that you can make the claim.  The idea that you could get into Harvard because you said 'Mommy says I'm Indian' is laughable.  It's also laughable to imagine that her saying so wasn't meant to try to hedge the bet, whether it did or not. 

But the Political Left is a heresy wrapped in blasphemy promising debauchery and delivering tyranny.  Defending it demands bold face lies and appeals to unparalleled idiocy.  Warren tried to float on a fact that simply wasn't there, and got caught.  In the end, it isn't much of a story.  It's been made a story by no other reason than her dogged defense of the claim. 

Those Christians who are defending dishonesty or exploitation of minority status in order to aid the Left, as usual, show themselves for the hypocrites and political thralls that they are.  They give lie to the idea that they really think lying is a serious sin, and they once more show that they will defend the party of abortion no matter what the cost.

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