Tuesday, October 9, 2018

USA Today swings and misses

At first, it appears to be an article trying reign back the 'Hate Columbus' movement.  But it isn't.  Basically it's just saying we shouldn't blame Columbus for everything, it was really all the other Europeans - especially those rascally English - who were the true cause of evil and suffering in the Americas.  It does mention that, in the case oft he Aztecs for instance, all might not have been peaches and cream with Native Americans.  But that shouldn't take away from those cultures' awesomeness!  Back to how horrible the Europeans were.

The author doesn't get it.  Columbus was a symbolic celebration, lobbied by Catholics to have a Catholic hero in America, who Americans decided was a good starting point for learning about this great country.  Those who would hate Columbus hate this country, and the Christian West - including all Europeans - from which it arose.  Simply trying to change the target of their wrath will accomplish nothing at all.

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