Thursday, October 18, 2018

When it comes to corruption in politics

I'm not stupid enough to think one side or the other, or any side for that matter, holds the monopoly.  So the issues in Georgia does seem to suggest there are things wrong with the current election system.  Any attempts to stop looking into it will only fuel the fire of suspicion.  And if the GOP is pulling the levers behind the scenes, it deserves what it gets if it gets caught.

Likewise, I'm not dumb enough to have forgotten the fact that whenever Democrats lose or are struggling, we suddenly learn how wretched, corrupt, evil and unfair is our democracy and electoral processes.  I remember in 2004 when Ohio tipped the scale for Bush.  For the next year or two, we had endless stories here about the latest Democratic led investigation to see where the real evil corruption was hiding.  Of course they must have found it since in 2008 nobody mentioned anything about our corrupt election system.

It's also worth noting that I'm seeing the Democrat candidate's little Freudian slip about wanting a good process to invigorate the 'documented and undocumented' as what it is.  Who are we fooling?  The Democrats tell immigrants coming in that they have their backs, no questions - just vote Democrat.  You'd be a veritable jackass to not admit that.

So that's politics.  That's why politics is like jousting: watch it from a distance, because if you get too close, your soul could get hurt.

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