Monday, October 8, 2018

Defiling graves for liberal tolerance

Rod Dreher spells it out.

OK, anyone who thinks the Leftist Iconoclasm will ever end raise your hand.  I'm not even saying it will end once our nation's capital has been renamed and Mt. Rushmore thrown down.  Things like this simply never end.  It's like sharks and blood - once the feeding frenzy begins, it just won't stop.  They'll find something else to destroy, some other part of the world to consume.

Remember, Communism  - which is an unstated underpinning of what we're seeing - is like a plague of locusts.  It destroys.  Period.  It brings misery, suffering, starvation, oppression, tyranny, terror, and does so by destroying everything in the culture in which it emerges. 

It won't stop with anything really.  It feeds on itself, and plays on self-righteousness, arrogance, contempt, and a feeling of meaning for meaningless people.  As such, it won't stop until it is stopped.  Who knows?  In the Trump era, maybe opponents of the madness, intolerance and hate will finally take a stand.  But it will take decades to undo the damage that has been done by our schools, culture and press, the same institutions that will no doubt resist any resistance.

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