Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Rolling Stone grabs the noose for the Left's puritanical lynch mob

And hopes to whatever demonic power it prays to that Kavanaugh really did have sex or get drunk when he was a teenager.

Of course Rolling Stone has peddled the sex, drugs and booze culture to teens for decades.  However many teen lives have been shattered or lost from alcohol, drugs, AIDS or other ill effects of a life of debauchery is small potatoes.  Turning kids onto endless debauch was good for the ol'bottom line, and that's what mattered.

But being a rag of the Left, its master is the Father of Lies.  That means it can ditch truth and morals and principles when needed, and insist that anyone who wasn't a puritan should be destroyed on sight.  This, apparently, is due to Kavanaugh's FOX testimony being produced as evidence in his trial, and if they can prove he lied to FOX about his virginity, then they have him.  Or so they reason.

Again, soon the spirits of German Nazis will rise up and condemn this generation. They will no doubt say that if they knew what we know, they would never have gone where they went.  And we will stand justly accused, and doubly condemned.

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