Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Trump victories

As listed by John C. Wright.  Take it for what it's worth.  Mr. Wright is quite the fan of Trump.  I might be able to find something in there to quibble with.  I post this as I do most things on my blog - to give voice to concerns and viewpoints virtually ignored by our Propaganda Ministry.

If Trump has accomplished anything good, I do not know it from our national press.  Even when they speak of something that seems good, they make sure to wrap it in some controversy or problem or deflect credit to some other source.

This is in stark contrast to the Obama years, when we were constantly told things were as good as they'd ever been, and all because of Obama.  If there were problems, it was all Bush's fault.  If problems couldn't be blamed on Bush, they were ignored or deflected as some game being played by GOP partisans.  I'll never forget when Fareed Zakaria had a special in 2018 in which he claimed that the world - yes, the world - was at perhaps the greatest spot it had ever been in history.  Peace, prosperity, progress were all at their zenith, and it was largely due to Obama.

Such is not what Trump receives.  So I post this link to give food for thought.  Again, some of these are no doubt the result of perspective, and some could be quibbled with. But it's a long enough list to suggest strongly that we should hear more from the national press than we do.  Which should then lead to the strong suspicion that there are many other things we're not hearing about.

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