Saturday, October 20, 2018

A movie celebrating post-Christian civil religion

Are you there God?  It's me, Margaret, a much celebrated embrace of Western Liberalism's civil religion, is going to become a movie.  Hurrah!  Yes, the book that embraced the Oprah view that one religion is as good as another - which means pointlessly wrong - is well known to many my age. In it, we learn that God is merely an abstract concept by which we measure our pain (John Lennon 3:16);  no affiliation is needed, it's wrong to push people into religion (but not out of religion), it's certainly wrong to guide a child toward any religious belief (other than no religious belief), and of course the self is the all important point of reference.

All faithful within the world's traditional religions should understand that we face a completely new religious revolution.  It is a revolution driven by a very zealous and intolerant religion.  It calls upon religions to abandon any doctrines or dogmas that run afoul of its own teachings.  And it seeks a world where all are forced, preferably by the iron gauntlet of a powerful state, to bow before its altar.  Like Christians coming together to resist the secularization of the Faith, even if it means setting aside traditional and denominational differences, so the great world religions may someday be forced to do the same.

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