Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Catholics embrace the Left's new puritanism

The utter hypocrisy of the modern Left in a nutshell.  Has humanity ever produced such a duplicitous, amoral movement as the modern Left?

Here, from a FB comment:
Odd how those my age (high school, early 80s) were all but pressured by liberal culture to do the very thing that the side that pressured us to do them is now condemning. The left gave a generation the Animal House standard of living. At the same time fighting against ever looking at someone's past or treating juveniles like adults. In a matter of days - a matter of hours - those decades of morals were completely turned on their head and we learned that the slightest deviation from a puritanical lifestyle when you were an adolescent three decades ago could be used to destroy your life. What would the boys of Delta House think?
Yep.  My head is still spinning.  And not just the secular Left, but its slavish devotees among the Christians, including Catholics, are declaring it the retroactive morality:

I hope whatever the outcome parents everywhere use the event to sit their children down, boys and girls, and point out how stupid actions when you're young can get you decades in the future. Boys will be boys as long as they are NOT raised to be civilized men. Notice, it seems to have zero effect on character to be educated in a "christian" school. Mark Shea will occasionally suggest home schooling. It looks like a good alternative to the Jesuits, wot? The parents of the judge seem to have not raised him, his fellow inmates did, there as well as at Yale. Maybe he is repentant, if so, fine. Parents who don't correct this kind of behavior or prevent it aren't parents. Girls: Stay the hell away from such "parties" and such boys. Period. Don't be stupid. Don't be like Dr. Ford or the judge either. Both have had their lives dragged through a sewer. They have provide us with good examples of mistakes to learn from, now do the learning.

That's a comment from Mark Shea's Kavanaugh hit-piece.

When I first became Catholic and entered the Catholic blogosphere, one of the big stories was a World Youth Day celebration.  Apparently pictures emerged of kids sleeping together, stripping down to their undies, laying with each other in tents and sleeping bags, no parental presence.  And the Catholics, including Mark, were outraged at such puritanical objections!  Who cares if the kids are fast and loose?  Who cares if girls are a bit sexed up?  Who cares if youth are partying a bit?  We all do!  What are you, some freak puritan (followed by frequent quotes by Chesterton about how repulsive and dull those lousy puritans were)?

But of course, that was yesterday's morality when it didn't help the Left.  Now, if you weren't more pure than a puritan when you were in high school, your butt belongs to the Leftist state. And if you're married to, or a child of, a non-puritan adolescent from decades ago, you deserve to have your life ruined.

Oh, and per good old Bob at Mark's site, any deviation from a puritan youth will also show just how reprehensible and pathetic were your wretched parents, who also stand accused.  Don't hate the puritans.  They were never so repressed, much less burdened by such flagrant double standards of obvious political expediency.

The political Left is a jealous god that demands blood sacrifice.  I'm stunned at how many Christians, including Catholics, are proud to bow before the altar and provide it.


  1. Please change your headline to "Some Catholics" instead of "Catholics". I personally only know one Catholic who believes any of this garbage the Democrats are pushing, that I am aware of.
    A question that I would like to ask a member of the "new pro life movement' is that if Kavanaugh is confirmed and "Roe" is overturned as a result, would they rejoice?

    1. Mark had posted on Deacon Greydanus going after Kavanaugh. Naturally Mark is. I haven't even bothered going to the rest of the Catholic Patheos world. But Jesuit Review withdrew its support, as Catholic University smacked down a professor for calling out the third accuser's story. While that doesn't mean every Catholic, there are more than a few siding with those against Kavanaugh and, by extension, endorsing all of the madness behind the assault.

      Since those are just a few of the relatively small number I'm in contact with, and they outnumber the Catholics I'm seeing who are defending Kavanaugh, I'm afraid 'some' might suggest there's only one or two freakish extremes out there. From my vantage point, those who are speaking to the issue at all are about 3 to 1 ditching Kavanaugh or going after him. If there is a much larger support for him, or condemnation of the madness behind his attackers, I'll happily change it accordingly.


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