Friday, September 28, 2018

Deacon Steven Greydanus attacks Kavanugh's yearbook

Yeah.  Really.  The low point of American politics in 2018, and the good deacon jumps on board the sham train.  Naturally, being good Catholic that he is, he takes the absolute worst, most leftist partisan interpretation of Kavanaugh's high school yearbook.  That's his high school yearbook.  If I was a Catholic at this point, I would reach out and say how shameful this is from such a well established Catholic deacon.

This as conveyed to me via Mark Shea who, naturally, gushes over all of the accusers - yes, all three of them - and dismisses anything from Kavanaugh.  You really have to see it to believe it.  Oh, and since both have banned me from their accounts for daring to question leftist narratives, I feel no guilt about pointing out their embarrassing devotion to the worst of the Left on my own page.

Remember, these are Catholics willing to unpack the adolescent years of a SCOTUS nominee, tearing apart any drinking, spinning any youthful joking, condemning even the slightest teenage indiscretion in a yearbook from high school.  We all know how puritanical Catholics are after all, especially when it comes to language.  But then, we all know how the Left has always championed an Ozzie and Harriet morality.  Here today, gone later today.  The Left's approach to morals.

Again, all of the good deacon's - and by extension, Mark's - take on this relies on accepting the worst possible interpretation of what Kavanaugh did - WHEN HE WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL.  Think on that. The great fear of the Left is that Kavanaugh might curtail unlimited abortion rights.  That's what this is all about, and everyone knows it.  And now you have Catholic apologist Mark Shea and Catholic deacon and movie critic Steven Greydanus jumping on board, accepting guilty until proven innocent, and joining the new puritanism that says anything but the most clean and puritanical behavior from an American adolescent can be grounds for wrecking your life at any point in the future.

Bonus points to Mark for dropping the pejorative 'White' into the mix, reminding us that Mark is also slavishly devoted to the new racism of the Left. Also note that, like Colbert, he doesn't care a whit about any suffering on Kavanaugh's part, or even mention Kavanaugh's family's suffering, choosing to mock and deride Kavanaugh's own pain that even the pagans have admitted was tough to watch. Apparently suffering and death threats only count when they're aimed at those who are useful to the Left.   New prolife.  Ha!

BTW, Catholics.  Stop bellyaching about the priests and leadership and the pope and all.  These two represent what the majority of Catholics are, and where they stand.  They'd rather adopt a puritanical McCarthyism filled with all of the false attacks and destruction of due process rather than take a chance on letting a judge on the court who might roll back abortion rights.  Before you go complaining about the bishops and cardinals, you might want to let that sink in.


  1. I wonder how Mark would react if several people started posting "I believe Ivy Rukin" in his combox...

    But then he would never think to realize that Brett might be someone else's nephew too.

    1. I seem to remember him talking about that. But again, that would be yesterday's morality when convenient. The power of the Left is to be able to dismiss what was affirmed only yesterday. That fits perfectly with Mark's own approach to truth. Truth is always - convenient.


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