Friday, September 7, 2018

Compromise as defined by the Left

So CBS ran a follow up to this story.  It was a classic example of compromise as understood by the Left.  Basically, compromise means you renounce everything the Left condemns, and completely bow before the Leftist dogmas.  Which is what happened.

The follow up was a feel-good follow up showing how everyone is now happy.  The blacks who had built walls around her house to block the confederate flag came out last month and took it down.  All were happy.  Of course, the woman got nothing.  She essentially renounced everything, threw everything she valued under the bus, and gave the neighbors everything.

In return, they took down the wall they had built around her house.  CBS said this shows America loves tearing down walls.  Well yeah, when you win.  You get everything.  Then you tear down the wall.  Which is what happened. 

My wife said it would have been compromise if the neighborhood presented the woman with some small confederate flag, maybe even to put inside her house.  She doesn't understand. The Left is not about compromise.  It is about destroying the societies out of which it emerges, and anyone and anything that stands in the way.  In a few generations, there will likely be no memorials, not just to the confederacy, but to a growing list of anything American, Christian, or Western.  That, to the Left, will be compromise.

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