Wednesday, September 19, 2018

There is only one sane, moral, American and Christian response to the Kavanaugh saga

Dr. Ford must step forward and produce actual evidence to support her claim.  Period.  Kavanaugh needs to do nothing until then.  If she doesn't, or can't, we move on.  Period.

That's it.  Anything else and we might as well take the last 2500 year march toward freedom, equality, democracy, the rule of law, and all common decency and flush it down the toilet.

I thought of that as I read this, which does everything but address the point that the accuser in this case has yet to provide anything close to evidence.  At least anything that would be considered evidence outside of a German concentration camp.  That does not count former classmates insisting they know it happened through second hand conversations about things nobody knows the details about because nobody said names or specifics at the time.   Geesh.

Who out there could withstand this new standard the left is hoisting on America?  Not a standard of having to be perfect lest someone come forward decades later about some past wrongdoing.  But a standard that says you can be assumed guilty because someone says you did something at any point of your life, with or without evidence.

For what it's worth, the problem isn't the emergent Left.  That the Left wishes an end to the Christian West, the American experiment and all the freedoms and liberties that go with it is well known, and easily observed.  That it peddles in racism and sexism and all manner of hypocrisy and lies and bigotry and hate is plain to see by anyone with the stones to do so.

The problem is the weak willed, limp-wristed non-liberals who cower about saying 'well, we need to hear both sides'.  No we the hell don't.  She is the accuser.  He has, at this point, done nothing wrong.  She hasn't produced an iota of evidence beyond pointing a finger and saying he tried to do something some time in the past at some place she can't pinpoint.  We won't even discuss those madmen gestapo wannabes who are saying even if Dr. Ford isn't telling the truth, Kavanaugh needs to go, simply by virtue of his skin color or genitalia.

No.  I'm talking about the biggest threat to our democraty and liberty: Those not on the Left who are somehow accepting that, to some degree, we can assume by virtue of Kavanaugh's skin color, his gender, or his politics, or whatever, that he could be guilty.  Therefore, it's up to him to somehow prove anything, every bit if not more than it's up to Dr. Ford.  That's one small step backward toward tyranny, one giant leap toward the ideological dictatorship the Left now openly craves.


  1. She must have been "stumbling drunk" too, if she cannot remember what year it was, where she was at, etc, etc, etc. So obvious that this is nothing more than a delaying tactic. I would not be at all surprised if Feinstein sent out mailers to all the classmates to dig up dirt. Disgusting, how low the left will go.

    1. It's obviously a cheap political ploy. I think we're all mature enough to admit it. The problem is, the Left is convincing a growing number of people not to care. As long as the Left wins, that's all the matters.


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