Thursday, September 27, 2018

Senator Dick Durbin needs our help

You can't send someone off to die on evidence like that!
After the first part of the confirmation hearing with Dr. Ford, he says he has no idea where prosecutor Rachel Mitchel was going with her questioning.

Well, he's probably the only one.  It was pretty simple.  One, she showed that Dr. Ford cannot remember details of significant life events from even weeks ago, much less decades ago. Such as whether she took a lie detector test on the day of her grandmother's funeral or not.  And that was by far not the only case where details of events only weeks old seemed to elude Dr. Ford.

Two, she showed the there were significant holes in Dr. Ford's memory from the alleged assault.  Such as how did she make it home some six miles away after the assault.  Or, for those connecting the dots, if it was a 'quiet' party and low key, then why did nobody notice when the two assailants cranked the music volume in the bedroom to cover up her screams.  If I'm at a quiet party, and suddenly someone cranks the music in another room, I'm going to take notice.  And this doesn't count the witnesses she's named, all of whom deny the event.

Most damning, however, she showed - by Dr. Ford's own testimony - that the Democrats used, exploited and sat on this for weeks, avoided letting Kavanaugh or the GOP know about the accusations, and then failed to take the appropriate course of action for sex assault victims. Meanwhile, it came out that the Democrats were invited to be part of the investigation when the charges did come to light, but they refused.  She also showed - per Dr. Ford's testimony - that this was almost exclusively pushed by the Democrats and the course of action was, including lawyers and what to do and not to do, was advised by the Democrats. 

That is what she was getting at Senator Durbin.

To paraphrase Juror #2, you can't destroy a man's life and career on something like that!  And in a sane country of laws and principles and morals, you can't.

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