Thursday, September 13, 2018

I'll give Archbishop Vigano this

At least he said who he is and what his accusations are.  In an age where 'a person has accused so and so' is enough to get you fired, it's nice to see names and specifics.  Just last week we had an op-ed by a brave anonymous individual taking it upon himself to thwart the results of a democratic election.  Now we have Diane Feinstein insisting an anonymous letter regarding an unspecific claim is something or another important regarding the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. 

I mean, are we ready to start saying 'destroy that life right now!' without even needing to form an accusation?  Seems we're going there.  I suppose we've already done away with due process, presumption of innocence and burden of proof in this #MeToo/BLM era. We shouldn't be surprised that other tidbits, like the right to face one's accuser, would be the next to go.

Thanks to Abp. Vigano for defying modern norms by actually saying what and who he is accusing and putting his name on it for all to see.  Seems like a blast from the past. 

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