Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Autumn walks

The boys were all back together this last weekend.  My sister took my Mom for the weekend to visit with her family.  We even chipped in and let the dog stay in a little pet hotel.  That left us a couple days to just hang around.  No big plans.  Though we did learn that you don't plan to go to Amish country on a Sunday.  Darn religious people and honoring the Sabbath.

Other than that, it was the first weekend of Autumn.  The temperatures dropped just in time, and we were able to play games, follow the obligatory OSU game, and watch our annual Halloween kick-off (we do it now when we can, the oldest all working and/or going to college).  We stopped by a local farm for some fresh cider and fresher veggies.  On top of that, the Hunter's Moon was waxing full even as the season begins.  And to top it off, we enjoyed a nice walk through some neighborhood woods just as the sun was going down.

The woods 

The sunset

Fun times, and a nice start to the best season of the year.

BTW, for our Halloween kick-off viewing, it's worth noting that we still play the old Halloween Haunts VCR tape that my wife and I bought our second year of marriage.  I rented it for our first Halloween, then ran out and found it and purchased it.

It must have been some production glitch, but our copy has an opening with the Disney Villains dancing to the song Grim Grinning Ghosts.  We've tried to find other similar copies of the tape, but none open with that song.  My boys have said that if nothing else in their lives heralds the coming of the holiday seasons, it's hearing that opening on the VCR tape.  Without the little Disney flourish at the beginning (all of which they associate with the season), here is the little song and dance that they have spent their entire lives hearing at the kick off of the festivities:

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