Monday, September 10, 2018

If Cory Booker was a Republican

He'd be the joke of the century.  Just ask Dan Quayle.  Sarah Palin.  Or George W. Bush for that matter.   

But he's a Democrat.  So while his 'Spartacus' moment is pure comedy gold, don't expect the Late Night Comedians to pounce, and you can bet the MSM will sweep it under the rug fast. 

Well, no.  They've already done it.  How much did you hear about it last week?  How much have you heard about the entire hearings?  We watched the Sunday morning news and, until I had to leave, I hadn't seen them cover the hearings.  If they did, it was on the last back burners.  Odd for a SCOTUS hearing, if you think on it.  I'll bet it's because the press knows darn well who came out looking like jackasses, and who didn't.

Remember, the thing formerly known as the US New Media is now the propaganda organ for the Political Left.  Accept that, and everything we hear today suddenly makes sense.

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