Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A world in which liberals on the Splinter website hope Laura Ingharam dies of breast cancer

Almost makes comparing border detention centers to summer camps look like a dozen roses, don't it.

Laura Ingharam, herself a breast cancer survivor, is the subject of the comments.  Here is the link. The opinion piece itself is by one Katherine Krueger.  As the link shows, with people only criticizing the call for her to get breast cancer by saying pancreatic cancer would be better, all sides have their Satanic evil. 

The point isn't to say 'See, look how horrible liberals are!'.  That's ridiculous of course.   Trying to find this or that isolated example to tarnish the whole group is a fool's exercise.  Especially after the last century.  The point is that it's SOP for the Left, with the help of the press and popular culture, which is telling.  Apparently they do quite a bit of keeping their heads in the sand to miss things like this, which showed up on the Google News feed between Hurricane Florence stories no less:

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