Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Archbishop Vigano: 1, Pope Francis: 0

So Pope Francis has moved from 'please, say no more' to 'silence is golden when you're accused by partisan hacks'.  That's the old 'appeal to hatred of conservatives' tactic.  See if the media jumps on that one.  It's starting to look bleak.  Especially since almost ever other day Archbishop Vigano appears to be vindicated one way or another.

Most Catholics are centering on the scandal, and that's good.  A goodly amount are appealing to prayer and fasting, reform and return to the fundamentals of the Faith.  All good.  A few are still trying to join Pope Francis's example of kill the messenger, but I think that's wearing thin.

A few will no doubt try to deflect.  I'm surprised more progressive/New Prolife/Seamless Garment Catholics haven't dragged Trump out of the closet for a good thrashing to take attention away from the ongoing train wreck that is Pope Francis's and his supporters' handling of the scandal.

We'll see.  With every passing day, Pope Francis goes a long way toward suggesting we have seen the problem, and it is him.  I'm willing to wait for evidence, but as it appears Pope Francis and his supporters are the ones who have all the cards evidence-wise, that's getting tougher and tougher to hold onto.

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