Monday, September 10, 2018

Autumn clouds that way

On the way home from a doctor's appointment
There's something about those big, gray billowy clouds always make me think of fall.  Yes, it's easier when it's heading into mid-September and the temperature is a balmy 66 degrees.  But I still can't help but start wanting a little of the old apple cider, pumpkin donuts and spook movies.  Good thing we already had our first round last night.

FWIW, one of my earlier posts was reflecting on such cloud formations in the fall.  I've seen my friend a couple times since then. I still remember that Friday evening all those years ago.


  1. Beautiful article you linked.
    For me autumn was the season I first started to like and then grew to love after I had graduated from college in 2000. I no longer had the association of "autumn:school" and was free to start appreciating the season unmoored to the dismal institution of formalized education. I still remember the day it first struck me. I was driving home from work and the sky was filled with those "big, gray billowy clouds"... the road I was driving down was lined on both sides with tall silver maples. The leaves were falling and catching a ride on the breeze.... and I couldn't take my eyes off of the scene. A moment that seemed to stretch out eternally. Maybe it was the profound sense of peace and the deep hope for some meaning that could tie it all together (since at the time I was confused about God, life, meaning, death). Anyway, it was God's grace that helped me to glean something mysterious in that moment.

    Thanks for the post, David.

    1. No problem. Thanks for that. Since that day, Autumn has become my springtime. I tend to be more reflective than during other times, save perhaps winter.


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