Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Nike to conservative Americans

Screw you!   Yep. I have a feeling that Nike, like most corporations, would fly China's communist flag if they thought it would increase their bottom line.  There are hundreds of NFL players, or other athletes, Nike could choose.  Nike chose this as a statement every bit as much as Kaepernick's statement. It reflects Nike's attitudes about the US, and those who don't subscribe to the Kaepernick perspective.  Note well, Nike did not - repeat, not - choose Tim Tebow, despite how popular or 'inspirational' he was to some.

UPDATE: I realize that Tebow had signed a deal with Nike. My point is that it never elevated Tebow to that level, despite the fact that Tebow was a bona fide cultural phenomenon who inspired millions and had a passionate following. 

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