Friday, September 7, 2018

The biggest problem with the Kaepernick deal

Per my sons: He's not that good.  There are hundreds of football players better than him, with more inspiring stories.  There are thousands of athletes who are better and more effective than him in their respective sports, with more inspiring stories.

He was given this because he has accepted the leftist, anti-American narrative based on a lie. A lie, criminally false though it is, that is fully endorsed by our popular culture, educational establishments, media and a great many political and religious leaders. 

Therefore, it's irrelevant how good he is.  It's irrelevant the type of person he is.  It's irrelevant that he has or hasn't accomplished anything.  It's irrelevant if he is even correct or is advocating a lie.  What is relevant - what alone matters - is that he speaks the Leftist doctrine.  That is what defines a person in America today.  Not who or what you are, but what you say. 

That was my boys' take on it.  I'd say they're not far from the sad truth.

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