Thursday, September 20, 2018

Is there anything worse than the modern Left?

The Huffpost demonstrates.   It's a hit piece.  It's incredibly lame.  I mean, it's embarrassingly lame.  I mean, it is worse than one would expect to hear on a kindergarten playground lame.

Apparently, an anonymous source has said she was told that Bret Kavanaugh likes women 'a certain way.'  It can only mean he's a rapist of course.  That's the headline's hoped for conclusion.

Until you read through, and find out that the 'way he likes' is women who are outgoing.  Exactly what that means is up for grabs.  In a sane world it likely means he likes women who are outgoing. 

But he's a man, and we all know that all men are whatever Senator Hirono thinks.  Therefore guilty.  It must mean he's a rapist.  That a growing number of Americans are fine with this reasoning doesn't bode well for the future of freedom or democracy.

The fact that many are hoping that there will be backlash against the GOP if Kavanaugh isn't promptly destroyed based upon nothing but a pointed finger shows how close to teetering on tyranny we've come.

This is the country the Left wants.  Like most leftist revolutions, it wants an end game where only the pigs play cards with the men at the end of the day; the yokels and morons who helped put them in power are left outside looking in, wondering when it will be their time to head to the glue factory.

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