Thursday, September 20, 2018

I break my ban of Patheos to post this sad news

It's being reported that Zippy Catholic has died.  Killed, apparently, in a bicycling accident.  That is devastatingly sad.  Zippy was a big name in the Catholic blogosphere when I first entered the realm.  He could be snarky, and at times cold.  But that was his approach to debate.  He was also honest and fair, and though willing to call out the sins of the past, never used this to hide the sins of the present.  Beyond that, he had a heart of gold, and a charity that went beyond how one voted, to how one actually lived.

Once, Zippy was made aware of our dire straights in terms of finances.  Our van had just gone out the window (again), and we had no way of getting it fixed.  We had exhausted every charitable act by that time, and were running on fumes.  With no van, we would have no way for our whole family to go anywhere together.

In stepped Zippy.  Without so much as a backward glance, he raised a stunning amount that all but fixed it up for the last time, and with so much money, that it was completely repaired and is still chugging along even today, almost ten years later.  That's what being a good Christian is all about.

Beyond what Mark points out about Zippy's opposition to torture, he was also a staunch critic of the modern Left, including stopping by to criticize certain instances of Mark's obvious move in that direction.  That often resulted in Zippy being the brunt of slander and accusations all too common in Mark's comments section.  So it wasn't just torture that he stood against.  His final foray I saw was in defense of Christendom College, which was under assault for being a wicked, sexist, male dominated culture of misogyny and rape.  He rightly saw the same evils in such a witch hunt mentality that he saw in the acceptance of torture as a valid form of defense.

Truly he was one who didn't simply flow with the prevailing currents, or merely oppose them because they were the prevailing currents.  He tried, from all I could see, to apply the teachings of the Faith to the new and the old as he saw it.

Prayers for him and his family.  God's peace and strength during this time.  Peace to his friends, including Mark, and all who somehow benefited from his wisdom and insights.


  1. Well my farewell comment over there seems stuck in moderation so I'll post here:

    We may have butted heads often, but he was a worthy opponent. Rest in peace, Zip.

    1. Yes he was. At times he went to snark to quickly and missed the point others were trying to make. But when he stepped back, he had a great mind and a powerful delivery of his points.

  2. Funny how Mark mentions at one point banning Zippy. It would have been notable if he hadn't banned him.... as Shea is wont to do with dissenters.

    But amazing how he needs to just stick it in even further in his eulogy. Larval Christianist Catholics who disagreed with him on torture? Who are the two big names he had a debate (paroxysm towards) with? Beckwith and Feser.

    That guy is something else.

    1. Mark tends to ban those who still support various forms of conservatism. You can disagree with Mark all day, as long as you trash conservatism. Plus, Mark is often extremely inconsistent, resting his condemnation or praise solely on whether or not he likes or admires someone. If Mark like you, you can literally blaspheme the Virgin Mary or advocate wholesale slaughter of the innocents, and he'll give you a pass. Heck, you can even condemn gun control and advocate for gun rights. Mark will praise you for saying almost verbatim what he blasted someone for saying if that other person means nothing to him. Altogether, not the type of person you want representing the Faith, and yet he continues to get kudos and accolades from across the Church.


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