Saturday, September 8, 2018

Stop calling the Alamo defenders heroic

Pleads the Texas State Board of Education.  The rationale is that words like 'heroic' are values charged. We wouldn't want that.  Well, except for things like gay rights, feminism, the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks, MLK, and a host of others that textbooks describe with flowery, celebratory, 'values charged' language.* 

We all know what's happening.  We can remain silent and watch our posterity face the consequences, since we can already see what this new society will be. Or we can do something about it.  Those who go along with it are just putting a down-payment on a plot of land outside of the barbed wire fences.  The rest should stop denying the obvious or it will be our posterity that pays the price.

*While never using terms like 'heroic', it's worth noting that my oldest son's World History textbook from high school had much high praise for Mao Zedong, Karl Marx and Michael Gorbachev and their accomplishments, with each having a full page write-up celebrating their accomplishments and influences. 

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