Friday, September 28, 2018

Stephen Colbert does the Left's bidding

Here.  After yesterday's hearing, even the most stalwart leftist journalists conceded both witnesses were credible.  Even the most rank partisan commentators I saw and read tipped their hat to both witnesses, as well as the obvious pain this has caused them and their families.  I saw none who did other than say the hurt that the families had been through, and the pain of the witnesses, was moving.

But not Colbert.  He wades in, being more hyper partisan than even some of the Democrats on committee.  He openly mocks Kavanaugh and his pain, deriding his 'well-coiffed head of steam'.  He, good Catholic that he is, ignores any pain of his family's, or his daughters.  What are they to him?  Obstacles to the political Left's power lust I suppose.

Of course he declares Kavanaugh all but guilty, and dutifully repeats the Democrat dodge of FBI!, while not mentioning the Democrats' own complicity in sitting on the information for weeks before releasing it.  Colbert is so doggedly devoted to all, including the worst of the Left's designs, I have no doubt that if the Left started calling for swastika armbands, he'd be first in line to buy one.

Comedian?  Bah.  There is no evil of the Left he doesn't defend or champion; there are no innocent lives hurt by the Left that he doesn't ignore, or mock, or gladly attack himself.  Again, if you ever ponder why we have Donald Trump, you need only watch such a slavish thrall to the worst of the Left do his best to attack any who blaspheme the Left's true gospel.

Also,if anyone ever wondered how Catholics throughout history could do some of the horrendous things they did, one need only watch defender of lynch mob, bigotry, hurting innocent people Colbert.  The only thing missing is the rack and thumb screws, but that's only because they've gone out of style.

UPDATE: I have changed the post title since, in fairness, Colbert is not disgracing the Catholic faith any more than all of the other Catholic leftists who are defecating on Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh's family, the rule of law and the prospect of freedom in order to help the party dedicated to the sacrament of abortion keep control in the courts.  Why single Colbert out?  He's merely one of many.


  1. A Colbert clip that is relevant.

    (for those curious, this was actually said in reference to a Boston Globe editorial)

    1. But that was yesterday's morality. I wonder what the BG editorial was saying, and who it was saying it about.

    2. This should link to the fuller context.

    3. One of the great evils of the Left has been to convince so many that morals are things to be used when convenient, tossed aside when not.


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