Friday, September 7, 2018

The proper perspective on the whole Nike uproar

Here.  Because Truth should be the basis of our values, not inflamed rhetoric and media narratives.  Money quote from the post:
Burning sportswear might be a dumb thing to do, but continuing to believe the false narrative of widespread police brutality against blacks is even dumber. It amounts to sacrificing everything we have learned by looking at the evidence.
Not just dumb of course, but criminally false.  In the last year of Obama's presidency, violence against police spiked, as multiple cases of assassinations swept the country, many done as a result of this pandemic of police violence against blacks that really wasn't.  More police were gunned down than unarmed black men. 

It would push beyond the boundaries of all credulity to think it wasn't linked to the Propaganda Ministry's constant drumbeat of 'racist, murdering cops; Racist, Murdering Cops; RACIST, MURDERING COPS!'.  Those Christians who conveniently keep their head in the sand rather than admit the obvious are as guilty as the press.  Whether they do it in Nikes or not.


  1. Thanks; when we continue down the road of adding outrage to outrage and silliness to silliness. We forget what the original thing was about. The national anthem is sung to honor the military and dissing it to protest wrongful deaths was wrongheaded. Add to that the fact that cops are not targeting blacks and the message can be seen to be a lie, and as you suggested, a criminal falsehood. A lie on which violence is based.

    Those Christians who conveniently keep their head in the sand rather than admit the obvious are as guilty as the press.

    Thanks again. It's like I've pointed out before, ask if the premise is true that a policeman was motivated by race before jumping on the mob bandwagon. Otherwise you are just contributing to the obvious problem of cops not even wanting to go into black neighborhoods anymore for fear of infamy, let alone the danger to their person.

    1. Yep. And I don't separate the 'cops are killing black Americans by the millions!' narrative and the spate of blacks taking it upon themselves to assassinate as many cops as they found. At that point a lie becomes criminal, at least if you won't admit the obvious connection.


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