Monday, September 3, 2018

Good for them

It seems like people are upset because FOX News made some not to subtle digs at a former Cosby Show star for working at Trader Joe's.  Good.  Go get them.  That's the part of FOX that has always been the most nauseating (apart from its pseudo-porn approach to news stories).  Its 'Darwinian Capitalism/No God but Mammon/If you don't wake up every day lusting for the acquisition of financial gain to the exclusion of all other conceivable priorities then sorry about your luck' attitudes are a far cry from traditional, Christian and even American ideals.

That 'you come first, now get money' is only the shadowy reflection of the Left's 'you come first, now go get laid' attitude.  And it's not new.  I remember  when Megyn Kelly mocked a young couple who said they would use 7,000.00 they got from auctioning something signed by President Obama for a down payment on a house.  When the camera came back to Kelly, she mockingly said that 'it must not be much of a house.'  I'm sure for well-to-do national level news hosts, it isn't.  But for some people, it's all the money in the world.

Mammon is the flip side partner of Moloch.  Flee them both.


  1. Yeah, I never mock anybody for doing honest work and nobody at Fox should do so either. Especially if you're conservative because for us there is usually a belief that there is something ennobling about work - no matter how unglamorous it is.

    NOW, saying all that, I decided to run down all the links and... this is what I found:

    I'll admit, I'm not sure exactly what is supposed to be a dig or shaming about that, it reads like a report of: "Person A saw person B, here's who person B is and why you should care." I don't really think Fox should have done it but that's only because I object to all celebrity news and think stuff like TMZ should be burned to the ground and the ashes salted. But by the standards of the wider media culture, I don't see that that Fox report is anything out of the ordinary.

    1. I looked back at the reporting, and can't see any reason it was ever a story at all. I'm also of the opinion that the sooner TMZ goes the way of the butter churn, the better off we'll be. But again, FOX has, over the years, thrown out those 'why isn't he striving to make millions?' attitude, and it covering this story just fits into that practice.

    2. Have you ever gone to one of those british websites like dailymail? On the side bar are NUMEROUS articles of "so and so spotted at..." so I assume that's why it was a story. Just the habit of talking about seeing a famous person somewhere. Which it seems you and I are both in agreement on is just stupid.

      Will defer to you on Fox's attitude since I haven't seen any of it in years.

    3. I seldom go to those. Same with FOX. Bit of irony. The very first blog I ever commented on was Mark's. The issue was something about FOX reporting on something. Even then (c. 2005), I never associated FOX with 'Christian Conservative'. So because people were talking about FOX yay/nay, I chimed in and said basically everything I ever wanted to know about porn stars, I learned on FOX. In some ways, FOX represents that brand of conservatism that tends to fight against Christianity, and is more liberal than conservative.

    4. Yeah, I think I heard it said once before that Fox is not quite conservatives as just "less liberal" than the others, and then wins the market by default.

      I'm sure if a more religious & conservative news channel started competing for those ratings, we'd hear all about how great Fox is from former detractors. ;)

    5. Yep. Fox wins because it is the only alternative to the same-think that makes every other TV outlet more or less the same. Sometimes it's worth catching a brief glimpse of FOX if only to hear about things not a single other channel is covering. But with that said, again, it's hardly conservative sometimes, and then almost never traditional Christian conservative.


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