Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Jesuit Review embraces Group Identity Politics

Yep.  That's the one minute explanation for why it is calling for Kavanaugh's nomination to be withdrawn.  Not even most Democrats have gone there, instead going for the FBI dodge.  But not the Jesuits.  They plunge in headfirst, embracing all of the group identity politics the Left can pray for:
What is different this time is that this nomination battle is no longer purely about predicting the likely outcome of Judge Kavanaugh’s vote on the court. It now involves the symbolic meaning of his nomination and confirmation in the #MeToo era. The hearings and the committee’s deliberations are now also a bellwether of the way the country treats women when their reports of harassment, assault and abuse threaten to derail the careers of powerful men.
You read right.  It's no longer about an individual or even stemming the tide of unlimited abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia.  It's about group identity and guilt based on genitals.  Note it doesn't even pretend to include non-women victims.  It makes you wonder how they venerate Jesus knowing He came as a man. 

It never ceases to amaze me how quick Catholic are to say, "Hey! Is that Satan over there?  Let's go!"  I mean, thank goodness the Left wasn't saying Jews are the group guilty by virtue of their demographic, or we'd have to rewrite our books about WWII.

Remember what I've said.  Any idiot can condemn the sins of the past.  But it takes a special idiot to see them repeated and embrace them the second time around.

BTW, reader Nate pointed out on another blog that it isn't just a case of ignoring the past, but ignoring the future.  How the fools of our nation are not seeing the problem with forgoing presumption of innocence based on demographic and group identity is beyond me.  It's like looking at panzer divisions along the Polish border on August 30, 1939 and saying you don't see a problem.

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