Friday, September 21, 2018

Marc Thiessen asks the billion dollar question

Exactly how much evidence do we need to destroy someone's life?  The Left has given the answer loud and clear: Not a damn bit.  It depends on who and what you are.  White skin?  Male?  Non-liberal?  I think we can assume you are a racist, rapist xenophobe by nature.  Guilty as charged!  You don't even have to remember the year or place.  Guilty!

Bonus points for liberalism turning the whole 'precious juveniles' syndrome on its head.  For decades, we were told that no matter what a juvenile did - even multiple murderers - he must never be charged or treated like an adult, and when he became an adult his record washed clean as the wind-driven snow.

Nice play there liberals.  Now we can go back and, even  if that seventeen year old from decades ago is guilty of only trying to do something bad, his arse is toast.  Once again, liberalism of old declared a grave evil that liberalism now embraces a thousand times over. 

The whole thing reminds me of the trial from this Disney classic, except it doesn't have the same level of feline fairness:

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