Friday, September 28, 2018

Where are the conservative protests?

My boys asked that.  They said for all the bravado yesterday, for all the conservatives cheering Lindsey Graham or Judge Kavanaugh, for all those saying we must fear the Left, for our very freedoms and the future of a democratic republic is on the verge of collapse - they're not seeing anything.  There are no marches.  There are not protests.  There are not demonstrations.  There are no coordinated calls to let the GOP know that they have their backs if they stand up to this tyranny.  There are no rallies to reach out to middle of the road Americans in mass demonstration to warn them of what is so painfully obvious.

Why not?  Don't they believe it?  Don't they really care?  My boys noticed a vast gulf between the rhetoric they're seeing on the internet and across social media, and what they're actually seeing.  As they said, the only ones they see fired up are out protesting against Kavanaugh.  That doesn't seem to connect to this great threat to all freedom and liberty.


  1. Was listening to this podcast and they apparently interviewed some women who are supporting Brett and (conceptually) would be those conservative protesters.

    Hm.... wonder why we haven't heard about these...

    1. I don't know. I'm hearing a lot about those women who confronted Flake, who just happened to coincidentally be there, right when Flake sounded like he might just vote yes.

      But I think they meant that for the rhetoric (this signals the end of the rule of law and freedom) they're not seeing a corresponding level of coordinated resistance.


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