Monday, October 1, 2018

The idiocy and credulity needed to destroy Kavanaugh

On full display at none other than Mark Shea's CAEI.  But I said I would no longer go there!  I wasn't planning to.  But when I was made aware that Deacon Greydanus hopped on the 'Kavanaugh's yearbook proves he's a rapist' train, which was a link to Mark's page, I went there to make sure it wasn't wrong.  I wouldn't want to accuse the good deacon of lynch mobbing Kavanaugh over his yearbook if it wasn't true.  Alas, according to Mark, it was true.

But so ridiculous, so stupid, so wrong, so appallingly 'goosestepping to the beat of the Left' is the rush to destroy Kavanaugh to maintain abortion rights (and liberal pundit after liberal pundit admits this is the core issue), that I have given myself a dispensation to follow any posts Mark makes relative to this issue.  For a known Catholic apologist to join the injustice, lies, slander, and destruction of an innocent family in order to lift up the party dedicated to the slaughter of the innocent is worth watching.

In this latest post, Mark tells us that 'a reader lays out Kavanaugh's lies'.  You have to read it to believe it.  If his reader was a twelve year old, I wouldn't be surprised.  Though that is a bit of an insult to twelve year olds.  And yet, it's no worse than the idiocy and mandated absurdity that the Left is demanding from all who will destroy this man's life and family.

Read it your self, then read the comments.  From the opening 'Obvious Ford was credible, duh.  Because she was so obviously credible even if she couldn't prove anything', to the constant 'The things in his yearbook mean this today according to Urban Dictionary (because words and slang never change), so they obviously meant the same 30 years ago', to the very fact that we're dissecting a high school yearbook to see if an adolescent over drank at parties or not, it should send off warning bells and whistles.

But again, the Left is a jealous god that demands blood sacrifice, and a growing number of Americans - including Christians - are more than happy to step up to the altar and provide it. As they have sadly done far too many times over the ages.  Mark's laughably inane and moronic post wouldn't be worth the effort if we weren't hearing the same reasoning from politicians, journalists, scholars, commentators, and activists.  He drank too much at 19, or wrote scribbles in a yearbook - destroy him now!  In fairness to his good reader, some of what I heard over the weekend was no better.

If you ever wondered how believers could don swastikas and march in lockstep at Nuremberg rallies, look no further than their support for the train wreck of injustice and evil we are witnessing now.  God help us, and God protect us from the coming storm.  And that includes our brothers and sisters in Christ who will destroy their fellow believers in fealty to the heathen god that has emerged in the midst of our nation.

Note: I will only comment on Mark's posts related to the Kavanaugh lynch mob.  I will ignore his other posts as a matter of principle.  If Mark's posts reflected the fringe lunacy they usually do, I wouldn't bother.  But showing the lunacy, and then knowing it is mainstream, national press, Democratic party, liberal pundit perspective, is an example in how things can unravel so quickly in a given society.


  1. Yeah, Ford is so credible... Ford who said she had a fear of flying (from this incident) and was proven to have flown all over the world last year! If we have to throw out Kavanaugh based on his so-called lies, then she has to be tossed out as well.

    (Also this "Devil's Triangle" is bs - as soon as it was brought up I thought of where I had heard it most in the 80s - the BERMUDA triangle. Which is STILL the dominant result on wikipedia when you search for DT. If you look up "threesome" on there, it seems Devil's Triangle was only added to that page last week but I'm still looking into it...)

    1. Yeah, the Devil's Triangle was part of the whole 70s bigfoot/loch ness monster/devil's triangle/late great planet earth thing that went right alongside trucker music and CB Radios. They don't call it the decade that taste forgot for nothing. After all, those gems were only drowned out by Disco. Nonetheless, the Devil's Triangle was one of the big culture things for me growing up (I'm the same age as Kavanaugh), and if we applied the term, it was always in the sense of 'doom, crappy luck, a mysterious disaster, a place of c constant danger of anything bad, etc.).

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    1. I'm surprised anyone bothered to look up anything about Dr. Ford. They say she behaved so much better than Kavanaugh. Gee, a man accused of being an evil racist mass murderer wannabe who is a drunken slob serial rapist sex pervert was more angry than a woman praised more than Jesus on a given Sunday? You just never can tell.


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