Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Defending injustice for the sake of keeping abortion legal

Mark Shea fires a parting shot, dredging up his eternal war with the pro-life movement by trotting out his usual 'damned if they do/damned if they don't' attacks.

Of course Mark leaves out the fact that many conservatives were unhappy with Kavanaugh's pick as SCOTUS nominee precisely because they feared he wouldn't be as strong on moral issues like abortion.  They understood that, in this day, no hard-line conservative would ever be allowed to replace a swing vote.  Nonetheless, many would have preferred someone else.  They rallied behind him this last week only because they could tell a slanderous character assassination when they saw it, and were defending the rule of law, due process and opposing bearing false witness.

Nonetheless, Mark's "because FDR isn't a saint, I'm with Hitler" approach to the abortion issue necessitates his ignoring that key piece of evidence.  Which makes sense.  After all, he joined the abortion Left in trying to destroy a likely innocent man and family in order to serve the Democrats, so sweating evidence is likely not a big priority at this point.

But unlike Mark, many who were not thrilled with Kavanaugh were nonetheless not ready to watch an innocent man destroyed so that abortion may be kept legal.  The same thing was true of Urban Meyer at Ohio State University.  With mobs of feminists and journalists calling for his termination because he didn't act properly when his wife founded that the ex-wife of an assistant coach was claiming domestic abuse, many Ohio State fans rallied around Meyer.  Not because they love him, contrary to press reports.  I can assure you, they don't.  Ohio State fans are not known for their loyalty to coaches.  But because if he's going to be canned, they want it due to his job performance, not because he fell victim to the Leftist witch hunt du jour.

But again, this is Mark Shea.  The rest of his screed is typical.  I continue this breaking of my ban on Patheos because, sadly, Mark is hardly alone among the Christian, including Catholic, spectrum.  If the Left says it's time to end due process and presumption of innocence, we've seen many believers more than willing to comply.  I fear if the Left declares an end to democracy and the establishment of a police state, we'll see far too many crosses and rosaries in the crowd that will be cheering it on.

BTW, compare to Rod Dreher.   Rod is definitely pro-life, and laments the fact that Kavanaugh wasn't the best choice from a conservative, pro-life point of view.  Yet he was willing to support Kavanaugh because of the sheer morality, justice and truth behind opposing the destruction of an innocent man.  Mark, on the other hand, joined in the assaults on a likely innocence man, floating whatever accusations no matter how ludicrous dating back to Kavanaugh's teens, that the party of abortion could be sustained.

You decide which is the better way.


  1. It's apparently not quite the parting shot...

    At this point his ramblings are reminding me of ye olde liberals who would say they would rather side with Satan who is honest about his evil than Christians that are hypocritical about their virtue.

    Then again it does seem he's been getting a little loose with the truth himself as he critique's everybody else's use of it...

    1. Basically he relies on lies and false accusation and projection. When you embrace lies and slander to destroy an innocent Christian that the party of abortion may succeed, there's not much left to do. Unless there is something that tops what he's written (and I can't imagine it's possible), I'm going back to being happily done visiting that center of stupid and sin.


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