Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Support for Roe v Wade is at a new high

According an NBC/WSJ poll.  Which isn't surprising.  After all, a favorite tactic of the press is to hand over the megaphone to one side and allow that side to spout with impunity.  So when President Trump had the opportunity to move the Supreme Court to the right, the press kicked into action.  Handing that golden megaphone over to pro-abortion rights advocates, we were given a constant 24/7 deluge of warnings about the inevitable death and suffering of billions of women; the world would be destroyed; billions would die; the universe would explode; God would be killed!  And it would all happen if Roe v Wade was repealed.

Guess what?  In light of this, more people favor keeping Roe v Wade in the law books.  That's one way the press does it.  St. Goebbels, the patron saint of mass media, knew full well the power of mass propaganda.  He knew that if you held every outlet of information, you could convince 66% of any society that squares are, and always have been, round.   That's just what happened here.

Of course in 2018, every day is a new day that SatanHitlerTrump will plunge us into NuclearHolocaustGate and destroy the planet and kill humanity.   Trump is guilty of every sin ever committed, and  the inevitable suffering and death of hundreds of billions on a daily basis will always be the result of his waking up in the morning.

I know.  It's stupid.  It's like Goebbels but without the whimsy.  Nonetheless, despite the fact that we are the most educated generation in history, with more access to more information than any other historical period, people still fall for it. We call it sin in the Christian community.  Or you could just call it a sad but simple little truth we learn from our pre-multicultural history classes:


  1. They have been playing this dishonest game for a very long time. Most people have no idea what Roe stands for. The proper way to poll is to ask questions such as these:

    1. Should abortion be legal all nine months?
    2. Should abortion be allowed for financial reasons?
    3. Should sex selection abortions be legal?
    4. Should third trimester abortions be legal>
    And so forth. Do this and only about a fifth of the American people support the holding in Roe.

    All of this is well known since we have been polling about Roe since 1973, and presumably the media understands just how worthless a stand alone question on Roe is. That the results of such questions are trotted out as meaningful demonstrates that when it comes to abortion, honest reporting is as rare as an honest member of Congress.

    1. It's almost like the poll was designed to advance an agenda. Though I never underestimate the ability for people to follow the wrong leaders down the wrong path.


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