Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The allies of the New Prolife Christians


The more that New Prolife Christians attempt to lay the blame for all sins at the feet of Capitalists, conservatives, men and whites, the more the emergent Left smacks them down.  They make it clear that it is not because of some financial burden or sexist man that a poor woman has no choice but to abort her baby.  They make it's clear they love abortion, they want abortions, it's power, it's control over life, it's free debauchery, and it's all done increasingly with the tacit approval or apathy of their allies in the Christian Left.   Allies who ironically call themselves New Prolife.

Truly this is a sing that cries out to heaven for vengeance.

"Abortion I salute you!
Women, if you need an abortion, get one!
If you want an abortion, get one! (emphasis mine)
If you're not pregnant and you think you might be and want to order a future abortion, get one!"
All to the cheers and adoration of the Leftist mob

This is the movement with which the post-Conservative and Leftist Christian movement has allied.


  1. The new pro life movement is such a farce. They never condemn abortion. It shouldn't surprise me though when one of the biggest supporters of the movement is a guy who makes up every excuse in the book to excuse bad behavior in the left

    1. The crux of their excuse is leaning on the old 'poverty causes abortion' meme, which is something the US Bishops admit to. There is a connection to be sure. But what it is, and how it relates, differs based on the researchers. For those outside the Faith, a big problem is lack of access to contraception. For the Bishops, it just seems to be a matter of not enough money to have the kid. But there are other reasons as well, and the NPLM all but ignores almost everything else but the money.


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