Thursday, July 26, 2018

Was she out of her cotton picking mind!

So I was watching CBS this morning while getting ready for the day.  It has a segment dedicated to 'what unites is more important than what divides us.'  So it picked this story.  Fair enough.  I'll just cut to the chase.  During the interview, one of the twins (sorry, couldn't keep track of which) said that when she told her Dad she would run - presumably as a Republican, though I missed that detail - he said "Are you out of your cotton picking mind?!"  That was according to her.  Her words.  An African American.  I assume her father is as well.

Why do I waste time on such a trivial thing?  Because of this.  Oddly enough, I saw this story in the second link on CBS, in which the hosts lamented the clear insensitivity of the individual in question.  CBS wasn't alone.  It's enough that it made the rounds, screams of outrage, charges of racism, and the requisite groveling in the dirt and begging for forgiveness.  And what is the difference?  The young women in the first link are not white, the fellow in the story of outrage was white.  I could be wrong.  Perhaps there will be some outcry against her use of such a racist and thoughtless phrase.  But I'm not holding my breath.  I'll leave you to figure out why.

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