Friday, July 6, 2018

Could Jesus be good enough for the modern Left?

I doubt it*.

The modern Left is morphing into some unthinkable abomination, where every day we find out a new list of people who fail to meet The Standards and need to be condemned; their names eradicated from the lists, their lives wiped from our memories.  If that doesn't happen fast enough, a new group of those on the Left rises up and abandons the rest of the Left for failing to live up to their superior standards of complete condemnation. Compared to the modern Left, those puritans at Plymouth are starting to sound awfully lax and tolerant.

So the American Solidarity Party, which has become a darling for many in the New Prolife Christian movement, has lost a member.  That's only one side of what happened of course.  But the condemnation keeps with the almost daily roundups of 'They who must be condemned for not being as awesome as I am now' movement.  Wait a day or two and you'll see more.  It can be people condemned for doing what the Left said to do.  It can be those who perfected all that the Left said was pure and virtuous - yesterday.   But yesterday is ancient history.  That's when everyone was stupid and evil and the cause of all suffering in the world.

In similar news, actress Scarlett Johansson learns a similar lesson.  There are endless ways in which you can fall under the condemnation from the Leftist Inquisition. There is always and only one possibility for being acceptable, and that can change on a dime.  I ask those on the Left, is it really worth all the sex and drugs and hubris and hedonism?  Who knows?  Those, too, may be taken away in the future. And then what will you be left with?

The hope is that a movement promoting suicide, abortion and euthanasia, pushing population control, and increasingly throwing more and more out of their ranks for failing to be pure enough, might just eat itself in the end.  Given the destruction, death, misery and failures it brings, we can only pray for a hasty demise, and that those within it will see the light and flee for their own good before it descends into the void.

*Yes, the whole 'it's dated' is one of the looniest arguments in the history of stupid arguments.  We could argue a perspective from last week is dated.  That it comes from the head of the Library Association goes to show how modernity is a cancerous growth that eats away at basic common sense and intelligence.  But let's face it, you know the problem as well as I do.  She and her views are, by our standards Today(TM), racist.  They just couldn't bring themselves to actually call Half-Pint racist/Nazi.  That's why the appeal to argumentum dumbnum.

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