Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Trump critics heart war with Russia

Yep.  There is almost a desire for it.  We have everyone running around insisting that Romney was right* and we're in the Next Cold War with Germany Israel Britain Russia over ads targeting our elections.  So barking mad insane is the anti-Trump movement that when it comes to war with Russia, to paraphrase the great Sally Field: They want it!  They really, really want it!

Best response to the sheer brain-melt psychotic nuttery that has erupted over the last day, from Washington to the National Press to the Internet and Social Media, has to be this:

Yep.  Burying legitimate criticisms of Trump in a heaping, helping mound of crazy.  That's today's Worst Generation.

For some sane observations regarding the collective meltdown and end to sanity that we're witnessing, read here, Rand Paul, of all people, brings calm analysis of the big picture to those who care nothing about any picture, but only care about defeating the enemies of the Left at all costs.

*In an almost unbelievable level of skull-void, some are actually insisting we're at Cold War with Russia and that Russia has been this evil empire for years, and yet amazingly Romney was still wrong and Obama was awesome when Romney said Russia was a threat and Obama mocked him for it.  And these are the people pushing us to at least Cold War, if not outright war, with Russia.

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  1. Yeah, props to Rand Paul. When he's right, he's right.


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