Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There's a storm coming

As we are reminded of from not only the Weather Channel, but also 1984's The Terminator:

I always loved that scene. It was soooooo early 1980s. We had been assured by the liberal press, intelligentsia, and political machine that if Reagan was elected, our days were numbered. It was no longer that would could be vaporized in a nuclear holocaust, but that we would be vaporized in a nuclear holocaust. Glad to see they were wrong. And the sense of imminent doom that infected a generation began to turn around, as can be seen by the sequel Terminator 2. Of course, some would argue it has returned again, as can be seen by the sequel Terminator 3. But that's for another post. Hopefully, the storms will pass with no injury and little damage. But just in case, I'll be gone today battening down the hatches.

And just a little more fun, the storms might pass. But there are still bigger storms to think about. One is our horrifyingly bad take on history, as President Jimmy Carter demonstrates in an interview. He believes that back in his day "we had almost complete harmony with every nation on Earth" while he was president. Uh huh. Of course the above clip speaks of the silliness behind that statement. But he's trying to change the general perception that he was one of America's worst president after all.

So if folks believe that sort of thing, even if the storms come and go today, there will be more storms yet to come. Till next time.

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