Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh No! Fundamentalists are taking over the military!

OK, pause. Take a deep breath. Despite Jeff Sharlet's clarion call for concern over at Huffington Post, I think we're all safe. I love how the post-modern Left loves to treat fundamentalist Christians (always loosely defined) with the same fear mongering demonizing that marked the way Jews were treated in the 1930s in certain other countries across the pond. Fundamentalist Christians? Oh no! Yes, since Jeff seems to include just about everyone who isn't liberal or mainstream liberal Protestant in that definition, it's clear to see how so many of them Fundi types are becoming Chaplains in our military. And what of it? You know what I'm afraid of? It's not fundamentalist Christians, though I may disagree with them over many issues. It's post modern leftists who are becoming brazen in their yearning for a country where all who speak out against the dogmas of Leftist ideology are censored, banished from the public forum, and hauled up for public disdain and loathing. That's what I fear. People who simply believe a different approach to God than I do, not so much. People who say the Bill of Rights is for Leftists only, that's who I have my eyes on.

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