Thursday, October 28, 2010

I learn more from reading Get Religion for a day...

Than I do watching television news for a month. Truth be told, I learn more about how to watch the news, or more importantly, how to read the news. Not that I consider myself a journalist by any means. I am but a mere peasant in the world of a thousand media outlets, so it's good to be informed.

For instance, something to watch out for, as in this case of Mormons are scared, or even killing themselves, because of the anti-homosexual teachings the Mormon faith. If a story says there are legions of individuals doing this, or saying that, see if the story actually bothers to quote one, or at least give a specific example. In fact, while this story gives a few anecdotes, none of the examples appear to have anything to do with Mormonism. Moreover, not one person who committed suicide or appears to be frightened is ever identified as being Mormon. Nor are there any hardcore stats to back up the story's main claim. In short, it claims there is overwhelming evidence to support the growing mantra that 'religion is killing homosexuals', then proceeds to do nothing to support the charge. And example of a non-news story.

Things like this are worth watching out for. Especially as our media, like our academic institutions, have thrown away all pretense of neutrality and have embraced a flagrant agenda that rests largely on, among other things, the eradication of the Christian faith from our public forums.

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  1. If I could offer some feedback. It appears that you are not a professional blogger, or writer, or author, or journalist. That is fine. Understand that many who blog do so for a living. Even if it is not their prime source of income, it is an extension of their profession. Otherwise, it is usually centered around a single hobby or interest or theme. You appear to want a blog that encompasses a great many topics. But you apparently have other obligations, jobs, vocations, family, and priorities far removed from your blog. Perhaps you might want to narrow down the blog itself. Focus on a single theme like the Media and the Church. Or since you seem to enjoy history, maybe looking at history as it is presented today versus how some might see it in the Catholic Church. Your blog is listed as Catholic musings, but many of your posts, quite frankly, don't contain much that I can see as uniquely Catholic. If you want the Catholic label, try to focus more on the Catholic angle of the story. This way you might reduce the number of posts, but be able to give a little more attention to them. I mention that because this post appears to contain something you thought was worth posting, but I feel there is much left out. Perhaps your limitations as a writer are to blame, or maybe you simply lack the time to unpack the post in a way you might prefer. In any event, maybe narrowing the focus of the blog, and reducing the number of posts in a day, might allow you the time to add a little extra substance to the points you are trying to make. I hope this is taken in the way it is intended. You have had some wonderful posts, and have some good insights. But sometimes you seem eager to post so much in so little time, the end result is more a casual opinion than a clearly established point. I do enjoy your blog, and look forward to returning from time to time.


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