Friday, October 15, 2010

Eliminating the Christian Church from the American State: A Leftist Fantasy

While CNN continues its crusade to regulate free speech, or at least speech that dares to question liberal dogmas such as homosexual normality, MSNBC continues the leftist push to rewrite history to conform to the secular dream. I saw the commercial myself, and quickly noted the phrase 'we hold these truths to be self evidence, that men and women are equal.' I couldn't help but think of this:

All of this reflects the secular Left's mindset. Meanwhile Christians are being criticized for being self defeating for suing a school that took their kids to learn about the glories of Islam. Debate can happen about the tactics, but it exposes the glaring truth of the Left: That the secular left abhors the Christian West, and is seeking to eliminate it from society. Buddhism, the Dali Lama, Islam, Eastern Mysticism, you name it - our schools can listen, learn, glorify. But the First Amendment clearly says there is to be a separation of the Christan Church and the State; at least a separation of the Christian Church that doesn't conform to Barry Lynn's beliefs.

All of this SHOULD be a wake up call for people who actually care about freedom, democracy, liberty, religious rights, and other similar liberal trademarks. Knowing, of course, that such loss of freedom usually comes around and consumes the ones initially supporting it. But most Americans, trying to stay employed or at least afford the next Apple IPod, probably aren't paying attention. And of course those on the Left who yearn for the establishment of the United Secular States of America (The USSA), aren't talking, imagining that it will only be those rascally right wing Christian types who will get their just deserts. Whether we stop it in time or not has yet to be seen. But expect to see the rise of a good old fashioned leftest authoritarian state sometime in the future if things continue on their current trajectory.

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