Saturday, October 2, 2010

U.S. Court to Pope: Here's your papers sir.

Yes, a U.S. Court has asked the Vatican to issue papers to the Pope. Not being a lawyer or law student, I have no idea what that means legally. I do know that it continues to be a black eye and bloody nose for Jesus; not just the Catholic Church, but to the Christ it represents on earth. I'm the first to say 2/3 of the indignation about the sex abuse scandal has nothing to do with caring about kids and everything to do with attacking the Church or making boat loads of money. We also can't help but admit our sex saturated culture that has caused more human suffering than the black death was able to manage has used the Catholic Sex Scandal to hide its own sins.

With that said, however, we can't ignore that the Church has done almost everything wrong in handling this. From ignoring the signs, to attempting to cozy up to contemporary sensitivities, to playing dumb, to acting like a heartless bureaucracy - the list goes on. While the Church hounds a nun here or school there that goes soft on abortion or homosexuality, suddenly it shrugs its shoulders while priests who raped, or worse, bishops who covered up, continue along their way. All under the heading 'that's just the way we do business here in the old RCC.' That goes about as far as a lead balloon. And it isn't ultimately the Pope, or the Bishops, or the Church that gets the dirt kicked in its face, it's Christ himself.

While we can't expect the Church to be filled with perfect people, while we can't expect sinlessness from our leaders, we should be able to expect they learn from their mistakes and make overcoming this sad chapter in Church history Priority One. They owe that to our Savior, if to no one else.

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