Monday, October 4, 2010

Nobel Prize for medicine goes to...

Robert G. Edwards, the father of the test tube baby. Because humans using science to mess with mother nature is wrong. But science messing with human nature deserves an award. We can forgiver those optimists of yore who believed that the bastard children of science - technology and industry - would yield unbounded benefits for mankind and never bring so much as a negative side effect. After all, it was the first time scientific theories were being used to improve life on such a scale. But for folks who live on the leeward side of the mushroom cloud, there really is no excuse to put such blind faith and hope in all things science. That we have shamed ourselves over the ill effects of industrialization, only to turn around and give a blank check to the same attitude aimed at human nature is without excuse. Of course it may take a few hundred years to realize the negative impact. And then those folks will look at us with the same disdainful disbelief we have for our ancestors who didn't have the examples we possess.

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