Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jon Stewart is the most influential man of 2010?

According to a survey in AskMen, yep. That might say more for the sorry state of America than anything else. Of course, it could just speak for the sorry state of AskMen readers. The fact that, of the top ten names I recognized, all flew far to the Left suggests a decidedly biased undertone. But then, I didn't recognize them all, and didn't care enough to read the others to get to President Obama, who wasn't even in the top 20. I guess if I'm interested in who is influencing what in our country, I'll pick other sources. But altogether, this is the type of keen insight I've come to expect from the Internet Generation. And AT&T says the Internet makes us smarter. Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!


  1. Let me get this straight. You didn't even read the publication, you admit you don't know the names, and you say this on a blog on the internet. From there you conclude the internet doesn't make us smart? The irony of this post is amazing.

  2. Just because I have Google at my fingertips, doesn't mean I feel the need to say I know everything about everyone. I'm happy to say I don't, rather than Google something and then pretend I'm an expert. As for the internet not making us smarter, I'm not sure what your shock is at my post. That I use the internet? I use phones too, but don't believe they make us smarter. Therefore I can easily call someone up on the phone, and if there AT&T is saying phones make us smarter, I can rebuke that without the feeling that I've brought stupidity upon myself in some strange, ironic way.


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