Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The American Holocaust

Not the one against the American Indians. As I've posted elsewhere, the 'Genocide of the Native Americans' is historical spin to the tenth power. No, I'm talking about abortion. It looks like people are all aghast over Missy Smith's pro-life campaign. Turns out, she's using pictures to show what abortion really is, and really does. I admit, I'm the first to say such graphic images can be disturbing. But then, so was seeing photos of blackened, sickly lungs that were used to show us the evils of smoking. I never cared for those either. Yet many who argue that is different are at pains to explain why. My guess is, they know why.

Abortion is, at the end of the day, the deliberate murder of an unborn baby. We can twist terminology around all day, and it remains the murder of an unborn baby. While the MSM, in its quest to promote the Secular Left, would have us believe the crux of the debate revolves around cases of rape and incest, or the life of the mother, the fact is that the overwhelming number of abortions are for pure birth control. It's the playing with human life in order to have a more vibrant sex life with potential for financial advancement.

When we see pictures like those being shown, it twists our guts. We damn well know what abortion is, but don't want to admit it. And being like people have always been, we're more than happy to support those who will help us sweep the truth under the rug. As Paul tells the church at Ephesus, everything exposed by the light becomes visible. And so desperate are we to indulge in the ugliest aspects of our freedoms, we fight like mad dogs to keep from being confronted with the obvious. We wish the evils to be kept in darkness, so that we won't be hindered by the innocent blood that screams out to heaven for vengeance. Well done and kudos to Ms. Smith.

As a side observation, it's worth noting that the Republican Party in D.C. has NOT endorsed her. This is because, at the end of the day, the Republican party cares about power for the wealthy, a warped and perverted Darwinian Capitalism that favors their own interests. The whole spiel about caring for abortion or gay rights is simply that which religious traditionalists are told every couple years to keep them on the reservation. But that's for another post.

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  1. well done indeed. Life doesn't matter anymore in this world and it makes my skin crawl to think of what may be next.


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