Monday, October 4, 2010

What majority of Americans favor gay marriage?

Would someone please tell me how a 50-50 split in a survey equals a majority? Yes, I know it's more than previous polls have suggested - according to this one poll that gives almost no information about how it conducted its survey. But still, where's the majority? Actually, if you read the story, you'll notice there is very little substance. The headline is meant to indoctrinate, as many headlines are. Hopefully folks won't actually read the story, that more or less gives a history of how the courts have been homosexuality's little helper, while voters have repeatedly expressed their concern for redefining, and of course ultimately undoing, the importance of marriage.

It is good enough to mention the 'significant age gap', though also fails to give actual numbers. The age gap is otherwise documented. For me, the real story about the age gap is that despite an overwhelming propaganda juggernaut on the part of the entertainment industry, our public and higher education institutions, and our ministry of indoctrination (the MSM) - all focused on converting the good people of America toward the gospel of the gay rights movement - there are still youth who aren't buying into the enforced doctrines. That should be the story as I see it. If you support gay marriage today, you are doing nothing so much as saying 'yes, the emperor's new clothes are splendid', all because that's what the information institutions told you to say.


  1. Great question. I saw that article and wondered the same thing!

  2. Yeah, I'm always amazed at the press's handling of basic math - how 51/49 can be an overwhelming majority on one hand, and 63/37 can be a slight majority in another. Or in this case, 50/50 can be a majority. In fairness, it does say that the majority of Americans say it's only a matter of time before gay marriage is legal, but that's differen than saying they support it. But this is the media we're talking about.


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