Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christians persecuted in the Middle East

Because they're just Christians, and it doesn't fit the narrative of the post-modern Left, our always reliable MSM has yet to discuss this particular problem. Perhaps because many in our current MSM would hate for people to become confused as they push to eliminate the ability of Christians here at home to have the freedom to challenge liberal dogmas. Who knows? But this is a story worth reading and praying for if you are a Christian, or even of person of decent heart.

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  1. I agree we do need to pray for Christians and Christianity itself within the East- Middle East and around the world. We also need to pray for Christians in the West where the same problems that have fully developed causing the diminishing of Christianity in the East have begun in the West. All we need to do is watch a little TV, news, movies, or talk (at least try to talk) with people about our faith and see what we find.
    I offer up this prayer now- anyone who would like to join in this prayer may do so- the Prayers of Many are heard louder than one.

    Heavenly Father
    I pray now for Christians around the World who are being persecuted. I pray in particular now for those who are in the East. As they live their days in a society that rejects their faith and squelches their attempts to live out their faith, lift their spirits and strengthen their faith so that Christianity may not disappear from that part of the world.
    I pray also for Christians in the West who are facing similar problems from a different source. May we look to you to guide us to a deeper faith and hope in our future. May we always live out our faith and not change to fit our society, which is easier to do than live our faith.
    Bless all Christians around the world today.
    In Jesus Name


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