Sunday, October 3, 2010

The death of Bonnie and Clyde

Or at least its director, is looked at by Ed Driscoll over at pajamasmedia. The Baby Boomer generation brought many changes to American culture, and so few of them good. You get the feeling that there is a growing scream waiting to emerge that will drag that generation to the stand and hold it accountable for what it's done. Right now, the media still loves the Boomers and the Myth of the 60s generation. In a generation or so, I have a feeling the Boomers will reap the whirlwind from the wind they so brazenly sowed.


  1. The worst generation? You mean the one that nuked civilians, oppressed african Americans, and ijected guatamalans with STDs? Or the one that fought against war, stood for peace and equality?

  2. If you studied history, you would note that the generation that pushed for equality and against war actually came from the WWII era. The Boomers simply took the more noble lessons of the past - such as striving for peace, equality, and post-bigotry - and added tons of sex and drugs to the mix, shaken not stirred, and emerging with a nation of hedonistic narcissists who would gladly let the world burn if they couldn't satisfy their own libidos whenever they want.


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