Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wikileaks does it again

The founder of Wikileaks has, against the wishes of our military, released 400,000 classified documents. Just how it got hold of those classified documents is not something I understand. Because we heard so many people run to the microphones to condemn pastor Terry Jones for threatening to burn the Koran, largely on the strength of the military's concern it could jeopardize our soldiers, I have no doubt that the media rush to condemn Mr. Julian Assange. As for those who are sure America is just being it's usual genocidal, corrupt, imperialist self in the whole Iraq enterprise, and this is the bold, brave stuff that Truth (TM) is made of, that depends. If these documents, which the same military that concerned itself over pastor Terry Jones assures us could jeopardize lives now, show some horrifying new revelation - some policy of child killing, murdering the first born, systemic rape or human experiments, then fine. But only if. If the docs end up doing no more than telling us what we more or less already knew, and they do nothing but stir up the same stories we've already heard, while jeopardizing the lives of innocent people, then our dear, bold, brave Mr. Assinge would, IMHO, have their blood on his hands.

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