Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why would a private firm install high speed Internet access on Mount Everest?

Because it's there! Heh. I hope you enjoyed laughing at that as much as I did, which was pretty much not at all. Anyhoo, I have much to do today, despite what the presence on the blog today would suggest. I've got to help boys get through their last day of the semester, take kids to football practice, carve four pumpkins, and get ready for a weekend of ghost walks, scary games and movies, apple cider and apple fritters, and of course the spooky culmination of Trick or Treat, which always includes family visits and marathons of old, silent movies (like Phantom of the Opera, Lon Chaney style, or the ever popular Nosferatu).

Anyway, whether in all of this I can return or not before next week, I'll have to see. But the numbers of visitors and readers is growing, and I'm encouraged for such a new blog. Please feel free to comment, though I know that the comment box isn't quite as easy and straightforward as I would like, it's not so bad. As long as folks play nice, they can say what they want. I won't swoop down on them and run them out of town for the sin of disagreeing with me and all the hip people I know. If I'm back soon, I'll see folks accordingly. Otherwise, have a happy and ghost filled Halloween. Next week, we'll actually pick up on some of those other holidays (or Holy Days), like All Saints Day, that our culture has long forgotten.

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