Monday, October 25, 2010

Abortion: The Modern American Shame

Abortion continues to be that thing which will be condemned by future generations in the same way we condemn slavery, or racism, or any one of the thousands of things for which we condemn our ancestors. Yet there is always hope, and here is a good story about women coming forward and admitting what common sense dictates: that when a woman, whose body is one of the miracles of the universe in that it can produce a living human being, terminates that being (and the overwhelming majority are done for convenience, not the fabled rape/incest that dominates 99% of the debate), expect there to be some emotional and psychological consequences down the road.

As a pastor, the number one single issue that I counseled women over was abortion. That is, women who had abortions and later regretted it. Despite the different stories, they were all the same: Never a holiday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, family gathering went buy that they didn't look at that spot at the side of the table and wonder just who could have been sitting there. Of course in Christ we are always forgiven when we seek his loving embrace. God is not the god of wrath waiting to smite us with a well placed lightening bolt. God actually cares for us, and desires all to come to repentance. So difficult that it could be, I always had the Gospel on my side when it came to helping them through their guilt and bereavement.

It's nice to see women coming out and admitting it. Now let's clear our TV schedules because no doubt our wonderful MSM will be spending weeks to come delving into the implications this might have for rethinking the current approach to abortion rights.

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